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Invention and Innovation As a Problem Solving Process


It’s been my knowledge as a professional inventor that each “AH-HA” second is accompanied by several “Uh Oh!”, “Oh No!” plus some coarser expletives. Plainly each individual “Resolution” that I’ve attempted to put into practice and commercialize essential the resolving of, what time seemed like, an unlimited series of complications.

What solved a dilemma for your end user generally produced A further issue from the manufacturing, fees or Various other space from the project. Based upon my working experience is the fact that problems hardly ever completely vanish but are broken down, altered and transposed to Several other spot. That is definitely, showing to generate a difficulty vanish just implies that it’s been transferred to some other space in total or in part and seems as Yet another one dilemma (of comparable dimension) or a collection of quite a few more compact issues.

Nevertheless, I’ve developed a course of action for coming up with the First innovative concept(s) and resolving the subsequent string of complications in its enhancement. This method is discussed beneath.

Defining Product or service Features and Properties:

The first component of this phase should be to identify the problem that is going to be tackled. The following action is to examine how the challenge is at the moment dealt with. There might be an out there product that tries to cope with the issue but is deficient in a number of areas. Or the condition can be worked close to employing a cumbersome course of action that could be enhanced. But there’s often the chance that the challenge is totally unnoticed or dismissed. This sort of issue would involve calling awareness to the trouble and then its proposed solution.

At the time the condition is identified all conceivable alternatives should be outlined. Notice which the terms “realistic” or “probable” will not be applied in this article. At this time of the process there really should be Certainly no constraints. Fantasy is encouraged. An extremely hard or impractical Resolution my give the mental bridge to a totally new and modern item that may are already more than seemed usually.

All Conceivable Answers:

Once the fantasy listing of attributes is compiled a correspondingly wild listing of methods to supply those capabilities needs to be produced. As in advance of, unconstrained considering is encouraged and important. Magical, not possible and impractical approaches to offer the element ought to be involved about the checklist.

Furthermore, consider to include a number of ways of providing the identical characteristic. One example is, a feature might be supplied by a chemical, electrical, mechanical, magical, mystical, spiritual or a number of other unnamed dimensional strategies. An attempt should be built to be as unconstrained as feasible so as to not Restrict or exclude any conceivable solution.

Capabilities and Answers Collapse to Truth:

At this point in the method, We’ve got this amorphous undefined two dimensional space of capabilities and achievable solutions. All the things is up within the air and all solutions are open up — until finally we make a variety. It took me some time to appreciate this, but just making one particular range starts to collapse the accessible possibilities.

Allow us to declare that we determine that the product or service will likely be a mechanical just one. All another strategy alternatives are not accessible. Similarly if the choice is designed to produce the device away from plastic all other content selections are minimal. Additionally, producing solutions also are limited to what exists or can be made for building plastic components. Also, the selection of the material could be a deciding factor in the pricing with the product. Selections of which attributes to include and which to exclude also function to collapse all options to a few really constrained alternatives.

An analogy will be floating higher than a bed of stepping stones. So long as you are floating earlier mentioned the stones, positioning a foot on any stone is a possibility. But as soon as your foot lands on a stone, and you keep connection with the stone, your other choices are confined to which stones are in just your arrive at. So the choice to plant a foot on any stone has put boundaries on the subsequent conclusion and all subsequent conclusions.

In an analogous way, when a choice is produced about an item the cloud of choices begins to break down and come to be constrained. Therefore, the first conclusion need to be very well viewed as.

And The shoppers, distributor, governments and several other other resources will apply far more constraints. Buyers might want the merchandise at a specific value which further confines the options. Governments may well impose limits, tariffs and laws on solutions and supplies including more limits.

So as a result of all of these constraints, the fantasy world of all feasible answers collapses to the true planet product or service. At this time the creativeness shifts through the specs in the merchandise to solving difficulties imposed through the constraints.

It is still problem resolving but in lieu of an unlimited sea of possibilities the pool is shallower and more compact. Now the issues are confined to the true globe administration in the item. This is when the real get the job done begins. Enjoy time is above!

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